Vanessa Simon


Established in 1996, Pilates in Parramatta was the first Pilates equipped studio in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

Pilates in Parramatta has a wide range of clients from rehabilitation to clients with little or no exercise history, to sports men and women, to dancers and pregnant women. They range in age from teenagers to the elderly.

The staff at Pilates in Parramatta are friendly and encouraging. They are specific and exacting in their teaching of the method, insisting on correct muscle usage throughout all movements. They have extensive knowledge in many fields of physical activities - some include rugby union, league, Ultimate Frizbee, netball, soccer, scuba diving, dance (various forms), softball, yoga amongst others.

Combined, the staff at Pilates in Parramatta, Vanessa, Simon and Catherine have over 40 years experience in the Pilates field. Vanessa is qualified as a teacher/trainer with the Pilates Institute of Australasia (PIA) since 1996 and runs a Pilates instructor training course through Ulysses Pilates Training.